John Nack, Principal Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop – “Speaking of punchy, check out the colors and images in Jimmy apRoberts and Brian Christopher’s collaborative project Exquisite Corpse.”

Guardian Stewardship Editions

“How can I describe the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen? I’ll begin by saying that standing in front of the graphically designed panels—each nearly three feet tall—made me feel lighter inside. My heart opened up like the palm of a hand ready to receive the swirl of images … As one panel relentlessly bled into the next, I seemed to enter a Freudian nightmare that was somehow freeing and frighteningly familiar. This was it, I was “a transparent eyeball”—that sublime moment of clarity the American Transcendentalists hoped to light upon in nature, when the self disappears and beauty reveals a transparent truth: “I am nothing; I see all.” Read more

New Times (Exquisite Corpse)

“The smallest splash of color or appearance of a line in one panel can affect the next in interesting and unexpected ways. On average, each panel takes about two hours to complete, which can make for some late nights and early mornings when the pair is working on a new piece. ‘One of us will come in really early in the morning and finish it so that the other person can work on it during lunch,’ Christopher explained.” Read more
– Ashley Schwellenbach

“It is a very large surrealist-inspired graphic art piece where vivid colors contrast, interweaving black with trees growing into the sky and the Earth with a woman. One element from each panel of the piece bleeds over into the next, pulling a portion of the story with it and developing into something new.” Read more
– Ryah Cooley

New Times (Breadcrumbs)

“Synergy is one of those words that’s been so co-opted by self-help manuals and business seminars that it’s become annoying, and yet it’s the perfect word to describe the collaboration between visual artists Brian Christopher and Jimmy apRoberts, who created 20 paintings for “Breadcrumbs: A Collaborative Rediscovery of Fairy Tales.” Separately they’re both gifted graphic designers, but together they’ve created a whimsical new installation that transcends their individual abilities.”
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“Artists Jimmy apRoberts and Brian Christopher have found inspiration by getting back to back-room basics, with their collaborative project Exquisite Corpse. The pair went back and forth creating a continuous artwork of vertical panels — 60 in total. Things like this are the sole reason your browser even scrolls sideways.” Read more

Kloset Kase

“In come Surrealist Digital Illustrations of these two ongoing players. The sum of it all is that Jimmy apRoberts and Brian Christopher have ever so eloquently, with cunning drive expressed 1925-Surrealist drawing technique named Exquisite Corpse so properly in my opinion. And to dot the “i” this collaboration is executed honoring the art of inspiring competitive nature. Why not. Put it to you this way, 2 artists, 12 panels each-per round, neither knows what the other will really do ’cause they only get to see a glimpse-a “slice” to be precise, of the previous panel and they don’t know where they’re really going with it… I like the unknown much as well.” Read more


“Visual artists Jimmy apRoberts (JA) and Brian Christopher (BC) create art in a collaborative nature. The two artists started working together back in 2006 and have found much success in their collaborative approach to working with digital and traditional media.” Read more

Humanismo y Conectividad

“El “Cadáver Exquisito” es una técnica colaborativa inventada por los surrealistas en 1925. Se trata de ensamblar colectivamente un conjunto de palabras o imágenes. Se basa en un viejo juego de mesa llamado “consecuencias” en el cual los jugadores escribían por turno en una hoja de papel, la doblaban para cubrir parte de la escritura, y después la pasaban al siguiente jugador para otra colaboración.” Read more


“JA/BC is a creative duo with backgrounds in graphic design. Their Exquisite Corpse pieces are the result of their collaborative efforts by taking turns to complete the work.” Read more

Today in Art

“There is so much to look at in this piece and I love the color and life of the imagery.” Read more

Barbarian Blog

“Beautiful exquisite corpse piece. I could stare at this for hours.” Read more


“Great collaborative efforts.” Read more